Policies & Procedures

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Below, you'll find documents that help PVCC function efficiently. We also make this information available to the public for the sake of transparency, seeking to be “above reproach".

COVID-19 Policies (currently suspended)
COVID-19 Policies

Children and Youth Ministry:
PVCC Children and Youth Ministry Policies

Injury Reporting:
PVCC Injury Report

Expense Reimbursement:
PVCC Expense Reimbursement Policy and Form

Facility and Equipment Usage:
PVCC Facility Use Request Form
PVCC Facility Use Policy

Wedding Packet:
PVCC Wedding Packet

Cash Reserves:
PVCC Cash Reserves Policy

Cash Collection and Handling Policy:
PVCC Collection and Contribution Policy Draft

PVCC By-Laws
Marriage Addendum

Previous Budgets:
2018 Full Budget

2019 Full Budget

2020 Full Budget

2021 Full Budget

2022 Full Budget

2023 Full Budget

Current Budget:
2024 Full Budget

PVCC Membership Covenant

Safety & Security Policy Manual:

For the current edition of the Safety & Security Policy Manual, or the Expectations and Commitments document, please contact Tom Coors or Ben Halliburton.