Missions Team

PVCC has several people whose hearts and minds are particularly committed to Missions – on a local, national, and global scale. Our current Missions Team includes Mary Pafford, Olivia Halliburton, Austin and Erica Trusty, Nancy Kinsey, and Michael and Kelli Corrigan.

For more information about Missions at PVCC, contact Austin Trusty or Michael Corrigan.

Missions Events

Missions Sunday

Several times throughout the year, we invite missionaries we support to share updates on their ministry, tell us how we can pray for them, and let us thank them for their service. We also collect change for these missionaries in our Missions Can.

Mission Trips

Once every few years, we send a group from our church out to do mission work. We've made several trips to support ministries listed below; we've also made other trips as well. Keep an eye out for the next opportunity!

IDES Food Packing Night

Every Summer, PVCC hosts IDES (International Disaster Emergency Services) for a night of packing nonperishable meals to be shipped to those in need overseas. Each year, our goal is to pack over 12,000 meals! Our 2020 date is Friday, July 17.

For more information about this specific event, contact the Missions Team.

Operation Christmas Child

Each Fall, we participate in Operation Christmas Child – sharing the love of Christ and the joy of Christmas with children overseas.

Missions We Support

SEND International

Alex and Laura Logan are preparing to do mission work in Japan, primarily with children and teenagers.

Contact: Alex and Laura Logan

The Crescent Project

Equipping Christians in North America to reach out to Muslims with the good news about Jesus Christ.

Contact: Aartje Walters Mexcur

Third Phase

Hamilton County women's shelter and food/clothing pantry.

Contact: Betty Violette


The middle/high-school branch of CRU (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ), active in several local schools.

Contact: Mark and Dawn Michal

Campus Life

Reaching young people to raise up followers of Christ, particularly in public schools in the HSE district.

Contact: Dan and Jana Hillen

Pinehaven Christian Children's Ranch

A residential, year-round program aimed at providing a stable, controlled, secure environment in which young people can reach the potential that God has placed within them.

Contact: Bob Larrson

Pioneer Bible Translators

Pioneer Bible Translators bridges the gap between the Church and Bible-less peoples, translating the Word into the languages of unreached people to transform lives and grow thriving New Testament churches.

Contact: Andy and Shonna Ingram

Adam and Lauren Sopoci

Adam and Lauren are working with CRU on the campus of Purdue University, committed to building spiritual movements everywhere.

Contact: Adam and Lauren Sopoci

If you'd like more information about any of the activities our Missions Team has planned, know of a Missions organization you think we should support, or would be interested in joining the team, contact Austin Trusty or Michael Corrigan.