Elder Ballot 2024

Elder Ballot 2024

At PVCC, Elders serve terms of two years. An Elder may be re-nominated for a fresh two-year term.

In 2024, three of our five Elders (Joe Fenimore, Craig Hunter, and Joshua Walker) are completing their terms. Two of our five Elders (Rick Aton and Carl Pafford) are in the middle of their two-year term ending June 2025. As the By-Laws define the role of Senior Minister, Ben Halliburton is a permanent, ex officio, non-voting Elder.  We also enjoy Zach Ellsworth’s participation as Associate Minister.

Speaking of the by-laws… please be in prayer for the Elders as they are currently examining the document for possible updates.  Watch for any possible changes around the time of the December Budget cycle; a congregational vote would be required, of course.

Back to the Elder ballot… Joe, Craig, and Joshua have all agreed to stand for fresh two-year terms.

Please read and consider the Scripture passages on this topic found in Acts 6, 1 Timothy 3, Titus 1, and 1 Peter 5 before voting.


Craig Hunter

Joshua Walker

Joe Fenimore

Ben Halliburton

Rick and Carl are not on this year’s ballot.