Elder Ballot 2017

Elder Ballot 2017

At PVCC, Elders serve terms of 2 years.  An Elder may be re-nominated for a fresh 2-year term.

In 2017, 5 of our 6 Elders (Rick Aton, Terry Blaker, John Britting, Terry Mulder, and Joshua Walker) are completing their terms.  1 of our 6 Elders (Craig Hunter) is in the middle of his 2-year term ending June 2018. As the By-Laws define the role of Senior Minister, Ben Halliburton is a permanent, ex officio, non-voting Elder.

Rick Aton, Terry Blaker, John Britting, and Joshua Walker have agreed to continue to serve, and per the By-Laws have been reviewed by the other Elders. 

Rick Aton (left) and Terry Blaker (right)

Rick and Terry are completing their two-year terms, and are each on the ballot for a fresh two-year term.

John Britting (left) and Joshua Walker (right)

John is completing a two-year term, and is on the ballot for a fresh two-year term.

Joshua opts to serve year by year, due to Erin’s unstable health situation.

Additionally, we are pleased to welcome Carl Pafford back on to the Elder Ballot!  Carl took a year away from the Team to serve overseas with the USAF and transition to a new position in his field.  Carl has several years’ prior experience with the Team.

Sadly, with the Mulders’ recent move to the west side of Indianapolis, they have determined they can best serve the Lord and his people by finding a congregation closer to their home.  We wish Terry and Dawn very well in their future ministry, and we shall miss them!

Carl Pafford (left) and Terry Mulder (right)

Carl is seeking to return to the Team after serving overseas in the Air Force.

Terry and Dawn will be serving the Lord in a congregation closer to their home, and we wish them well!

Ben Halliburton (left) and Craig Hunter (right)

Ben and Craig are not on this year’s ballot.

Pastor Ben, as Senior Ministery, is a permanent ex-officio Elder.

Craig is in the middle of a two-year term ending next summer.

Please read and consider the Scripture passages on this topic found in Acts 6, 1 Timothy 3, Titus 1, and 1 Peter 5 before voting.