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05, July, 2022Posted by :Benjamin Halliburton

Some years ago, our church’s leaders decided to place a greater emphasis on regular, focused times of prayer for our church body. Our first step was planning several organized “Prayer Nights” throughout the year. We’d gather for about an hour, spending time in prayer for our world, our church, and each other. Christians getting together to pray; a novel idea, right?

Sadly, the pandemic threw our Prayer Nights out the window, and we just haven’t gotten back into a good rhythm since. On top of that, our past Prayer Nights weren’t always well attended, and we’ve wondered what adjustments we could make to change that. So recently – when someone new to the church asked what we have to offer those who want to practice communal prayer, and we had to sheepishly admit that we had gotten off track – we went back to the drawing board.

One small, initial step back towards emphasizing prayer at PVCC was announced several weeks ago. Every Sunday morning, the Elders, Ben, and Zach gather for prayer at 9:15 AM in the Fellowship Room. Inevitably, there are some “business items” to discuss as well; on top of that, there are often sensitive, confidential prayer needs that are limited to that small group of leaders. As a result, the first few minutes of these prayer meetings takes place behind closed doors.

Historically, we’ve taken all the time we needed for these meetings, sometimes all the way up to the start of our 10 AM service. But in an effort to return prayer to its rightful place of emphasis in the life of our church, we’ve decided to conclude our private prayer meetings at 9:30 AM, open the doors to the Fellowship Room, and invite congregants in to pray with us. While it may only allow a few minutes of focused, intentional prayer with our congregation, we need to start somewhere – and this is certainly better than nothing.

So, consider this your “official” invitation. If you happen to find yourself at PVCC on a Sunday morning around 9:30 AM, and have some pressing prayer request on your shoulders – whether it be a tragedy, crisis, need, or a cause for celebration, worship, and thanks – we’d love to hear it. You’d be more than welcome to join us in the Fellowship Room and pray. Christians getting together to pray; a novel idea, right?

James 5:13-18 gives simple instruction concerning prayer within the church. Prayer is necessary (both in good times and bad). Prayer can be (and should be) something you do alone, but it shouldn’t ONLY happen when you’re alone. And God hears the prayers of his saints.

So as we shake off the rust and return prayer to its rightful place of emphasis within our church, I hope you’ll be a part of it. 9:30 AM on Sunday mornings in the Fellowship Room is a good place to begin.

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