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14, March, 2017Posted by :admin

So…why a blog? Over the past several months, some of our leaders have been discussing the value of starting a PVCC blog on our website. Why would we do this? Well, a few reasons: 1. A blog is another way for us to communicate with the people of our church. You may have heard in the business world that “you can never over-communicate”. That’s also true in churches! We want to make people aware of important things happening at PVCC in as many ways as possible. Many churches have regular newsletters for this purpose; PVCC does not. But things like this blog (and Nancy’s weekly email) can help fill that gap. 2. A blog is another way for us to bring new people to our website. The more content you have on a website, the more likely people will stumble across it online. Our hope is that this blog will make our website turn up more often when people are looking for a new church to call home when they move to the area, or simply haven’t been in church as of late. The more content we have on our website, the more likely we’ll pop up when a person searches the internet for “churches in Fishers”, or “worship services near me”. 3. A blog is a good place to share announcements, reflections, and updates that may not fit in a Sunday morning service. The primary purpose of our weekly worship service is to proclaim the Gospel. Because we only have so much time together on Sunday morning, there are other valuable insights from church leaders that don’t quite make the cut. This will be a good place to communicate things that are beneficial for our church, even though they might not make it to Sunday morning. 4. We want to get our money’s worth when it comes to our website. In 2016, we spent a large amount of time and money rebuilding our website from the ground up. The new website is already much more aesthetically pleasing and useful than the old one was; but we want to make it even┬ámore useful. While the primary purpose of our website is to make a good first impression on those who haven’t darkened our doors yet, that’s not its only purpose. We also want this website to be a helpful resource for those who already call PVCC home. What exactly will this look like? We’re picturing multiple different PVCC leaders making regular contributions to this blog. One day, you may see thoughts on a Bible passage from me. The next day, you could see a Christian perspective on some current event from Zach. A week later, you might see a devotional written by Marc. You may see an important reminder from Nancy. And who knows – you could even see an Elder chime in on occasion! Of course we’re all somewhat new to this, so we’ll be learning as we go. We’ll be figuring out how frequently we’ll be able to post, making sure we have all the right safeguards in place before a post goes public, and how to best accomplish the goals we listed above. Please have patience with us as we discover how this idea can be used to build up the people at PVCC, and please pray that this will be one more tool for us to bring God glory.

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