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Outside of Sunday morning, Small Groups are the primary means of discipleship at PVCC. After all, do the math:

  • Most of our Small Groups meet during the spring, fall, and winter, taking a break for the summer. So, assuming that each Small Group discussion lasts one hour, and a Small Group meets 30 times in one year – that’s 30 hours of learning.
  • Compare that to 52 sermons per year, each lasting roughly 30 minutes – that’s 26 hours of preaching (assuming perfect Sunday morning attendance!).

In other words, just as much (if not more) Christian education occurs in PVCC Small Groups as in our weekly sermons. It’s safe to say that Small Groups are important here.

That being said, we know that not everyone can participate in one of our usual Small Groups. Perhaps you have young kids with an early bedtime; maybe you work second shift; health concerns could prevent you from making it out in poor weather; or you simply can’t get away once per week for multiple weeks in a row. That’s a big reason why we offer other Small Group options, such as our Women’s Study and Men’s Breakfast.

But this summer, we’re excited to offer another Small Group option while many of our regular Small Groups are on break. You’re invited to attend our Summer Adult Small Group!

This Small Group will be different than most others we’ve offered. We’ll be meeting on four Sunday evenings over the summer: June 4 and 18, and July 9 and 23. The first week will be a fellowship dinner, giving all participants a chance to get to know each other better; the remaining three weeks will consist of Francis Chan’s “Basic” study. The study examines God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit. This Small Group will meet from 6-7:30 PM, and I’ll be leading our discussion.

Part of why I’m excited about this Small Group is who I hope it will appeal to. This Small Group would be a GREAT option for someone who’s new to the Christian faith, someone who’s never been in a Small Group before, or someone who can’t commit to a longer study.

If that describes you, we pray you’ll consider this opportunity. If you have any questions about this Small Group, don’t hesitate to contact me, or Mike Davidson. Don’t let cost get in the way; you won’t have to pay a dime. Don’t let kids get in the way; we can discuss childcare options if needed. And don’t let fear of commitment get in the way; it’s only four weeks!

Again, Small Groups are a major part of discipleship and education at PVCC. If you haven’t participated in one, you’re missing out – but perhaps this is your opportunity to get plugged in. We look forward to learning with you this summer!

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