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12, May, 2017Posted by :admin

“Remember, ministry for Jesus was often the person standing right in front of him.”

This is a quote from “Listen, Love, Repeat” – the women’s study we did this spring – by Karen Ehman. In her study, we looked at several ways to put others first (which is not always easy to do in a world that promotes “me first”). Each week we read Scripture and discussed what it looks like to let our lights shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.” (Matthew 5:16)

During our last session, we were challenged to drop a “love bomb” in our community. It sounds scary, I know! The idea was to go out and scatter kindness in your community in some way, shape, or form.

While it might look like we’re taking the easy way out, we decided a great way to do that would be to provide treats for the Happy Feet Soccer families. Looking at the example of Jesus, we thought it would be good to start with those who set up camp each Saturday morning in our own backyard!

This week’s forecast FINALLY looks perfect; praise God! If you would like to join us in scattering kindness to our community, we’ll be here from 9-11:15 AM providing Goldfish, bananas, and water to the littles ones playing soccer. They have two groups of soccer times: one from 9-10, and another from 10:15-11:15. You can come for the entire time, or for just a bit. Either way, we would love to have you. You won’t even need to bring anything!

We are thrilled to have this opportunity! It’s so refreshing to be outside on a Saturday morning in a community like ours, hearing the joys (and yes, some cries) of little people learning to play soccer with a bright yellow ball whose name is “Mr. Bob”. What makes it even better is doing it all in the name of Christ, for the glory of God.

We hope you can join us! Contact Dawn Mulder or Olivia Halliburton for more information.

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