Sermon Planning, 2018: Make Your Voice Heard!

Each year (usually near the end of one year, or the beginning of the next), I spend time in thought, study, and prayer about what to preach in the months ahead at PVCC.

Thinking that far ahead is always challenging; you never know when significant, unexpected events may cause you to toss even your best-laid plans to the curb. That being said, I think there’s great wisdom in preachers patiently, intentionally, and prayerfully thinking through what their congregation needs to hear, when they need to hear it, and how to communicate that message most effectively.

As I plan ahead for sermons at PVCC, there are all kinds of factors I take into account:

1) I want to give our congregation a balanced and generous helping of Scripture (reading different genres of Scripture, spending time in both the Old and New Testaments, and examining both well-known chunks of Scripture, and often neglected portions). It’s true that sermon series on more topical concerns can be incredibly beneficial for God’s people; they certainly have a place on the plate. But in the long run, I’m convinced that Scripture is the main course of a Christian’s filling, strengthening, and sustaining meal.

2) On top of consistently presenting Scripture, I feel a responsibility to address many of the big questions and challenges the people of our church are regularly wrestling with from a Biblical perspective. On the one hand, I don’t think it’s wise to let our secular culture constantly dictate what I do and don’t preach; but on the other hand, it would be foolish to not take the more pressing issues and debates of our current day and age into account when preaching to God’s people.

3) And of course, there’s the calendar to consider! Easter and Christmas are the two major Christian holidays, so I think it would be silly to not give them their due when it comes to planning sermons each year. But on top of that, other holidays can have an impact on sermon planning as well (you probably don’t want to start an important series of sermons on a holiday weekend, when many people may be traveling).

As for this year’s preparation, most Sundays already have their assigned sermons. That being said, there’s still a handful of weeks waiting to be filled. That’s where you come in, people of PVCC:

What would you like to hear preached on Sunday mornings in 2018? What passages of Scripture, topics, and questions can we address on Sunday mornings to best aid in your growth in Christ?

Are there passages of Scripture you’ve always found confusing? What challenges are you currently facing that you’d like to hear discussed from a Biblical perspective? What topics have you found churches far too shy to talk about, to the detriment of God’s people? It’s easy for me to assume I know what my congregation wants and needs to hear each Sunday morning; but no matter how well I know Scripture, our church, and the cultural climate in which we live, it’s more than possible that I could miss something.

Of course, I can’t promise that every suggestion you offer will come to fruition; but I’d still like to hear what you’re thinking as I continue another year of the joyous, yet heavy responsibility of preaching.

Feel free to contact me however you see fit.

Benjamin Halliburton
Benjamin Halliburton
Senior Minister at Prairie View Christian Church