Elder Nominations

At PVCC, Elders serve two-year terms starting July 1.  If re-nominated and approved by the other Elders, he may serve additional terms.

Currently, we have 6 Elders (not counting Pastor Ben).  Rick Aton, Terry Blaker, John Britting, Carl Pafford, and Joshua Walker are all completing their terms; only Craig Hunter is in the middle of a term.  Those five gentlemen are all eligible for re-nomination.  (Pastor Ben serves as a permanent, non-voting, ex-officio Elder.)

Each spring, we welcome nominations of other men who may wish to be Elders.  God has ordained in the scriptures that mature, Godly men be examined and tested before being placed in a position of responsibility.

Please use the form on this page to make a nomination.  Please read and consider the relevant scriptures on this topic (Acts 6,  1 Timothy 3, Titus 1, and 1 Peter 5).

Why do we want to know how the nominee is currently serving?  

Because we want men that God is already using in this church.  Elders don’t come from the back benches; Elders serve on the front lines!  When nominees are being evaluated for the Eldership, it is their current work and service that will speak most clearly about their suitability: “by their fruits you will know them”.