What’s an “Associate Minister”?

If you’ve been around PVCC for the past several months, you heard the news that Zach Ellsworth, our part-time Youth Minister, would be full-time starting April 1. Well, it’s April 12 – and so far, so good! Zach is now full-time, settling in well to his new routines, and slowly but surely assuming more responsibilities than he had before.

In addition, you may have heard Zach recently refer to himself as PVCC’s “Associate Minister”. Why did we choose this title? Why didn’t we just keep calling Zach the “Youth Minister”? What exactly are Zach’s duties and tasks as an “Associate Minister”?

As he prepared to start full-time, Zach and I discussed his job title, and agreed that the “Youth Minister” title is too narrow for the responsibilities he’d be taking on. Zach is still the “Youth Minister”; overseeing Gravity Student Ministries (grades 6-12) is still one of his primary passions and duties. However, in addition to grades 6-12, Zach is slowly assuming oversight of our Kids Kingdom ministries (nursery-5th grade). I have no doubt Zach will put the same level of thought, effort, and prayer into Kids Kingdom that he puts into Gravity.

On top of that, there are other ways Zach will be serving PVCC that go far beyond children and students. He’ll be preaching on Sunday mornings from time to time, offering pastoral care, and eventually leading a Small Group. And of course, working in a church the size of ours means one must learn to be a “jack of all trades”; various and unexpected needs regularly pop up in the day to day life of our church, and I’m confident Zach will step up when those needs arise.

After Zach and I agreed on the title of “Associate Minister”, I shared our idea with the Elders. They agreed with our thought process, and just like that, a new job title was born!

To sum it all up, Zach is no longer simply a “Youth Minister”; nor is he simply a “Children’s Minister”. Zach’s ministry will be relevant to everyone who walks through the doors of PVCC, regardless of whether or not they have a child in some particular age range. Thus, he is our Associate Minister – and his godliness, example, and leadership matter greatly to all who call PVCC home.

If you have any questions about Zach’s transition, don’t hesitate to ask. And of course, we ask that you keep Zach, Hanna, and Theo in prayer as they get used to this new way of life. And finally, be sure to thank Nancy Kinsey for her years of overseeing Kids Kingdom. She’ll still be involved with that ministry on a volunteer basis, and I’m sure all her experience will make her a great resource for Zach as he learns the ropes. Nancy remains a blessing to our church in her role as Administrative Assistant, even as she passes the Kids Kingdom torch to Zach.

Benjamin Halliburton
Benjamin Halliburton
Senior Minister at Prairie View Christian Church